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Inter-Company Marketing Group (www.icmg.org), the nonprofit organization that fosters business networking for insurance strategic alliances, conducts surveys to quantify issues of interest to insurance & financial services executives. The most recent surveys are available here.

ICMG Healthcare Reform Impact Report April 2013

Dealmakers in the insurance industry say the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is having a significant impact on insurance strategic alliances, according to a survey of Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG) members. Key findings of the survey of responding ICMG member companies are:

  • 76 percent are considering different kinds of strategic alliances due to healthcare reform.
  • 56% expect more business through strategic alliances for the industry as a whole.
  • 48% expect more business through strategic alliances for their company.
The survey also measured perceptions of dealmakers by product line, with healthcare reform seen as boosting interest in supplemental medical and cancer/critical illness products among others. ICMG members also responded to a series of qualitative statements about healthcare reform's impact, with the following statements drawing widespread agreement: Healthcare reform "means that insurance carriers must develop new and different approaches to health benefits packages" and "means that insurance distributors need help communicating and finding new solutions for employers."
ICMG Healthcare Reform Impact Report April 2013 (PDF)  |   (JPG for Social Sharing)

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PDF: Healthcare Reform Impact Report
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ICMG Strategic Alliances Report (Part 2) December 2012

Nine of 10 insurance executives grade two factors as most vital when reviewing strategic alliances: service quality “provided to the company by the strategic alliance partner” and annual profitability. These findings resulted from a sample of 104 insurance professionals conducted in November 2012 by Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG). Factors such as sales revenue and profitability for the length of the alliance were also ranked highly. The ICMG survey also discovered that strategic alliance reviews are largely the purview of senior management and/or management of a division or line of business. Ninety-three percent of respondents noted that senior management is involved in their reviews of existing strategic alliances. The most-common types of strategic alliances respondents are involved in were marketing agreements (cited by 72 percent of respondents) and product distribution agreement(s) (insurance carrier with distributor) (70 percent).
ICMG Strategic Alliances 2011-12 (Part 2) Report December 2012

ICMG Business Networking Report September 2012

More than 9 of 10 insurance executives learn networking skills from their peers and colleagues, found a sample of insurance executives conducted by Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG). A mentor is the secondmost cited source of learning networking skills. 98% of respondents said that networking with colleagues and peers is important to business success, and more than 8 of 10 said it was "vitally important" or "indispensible." Nearly all respondents agreed that effective networking requires ongoing practice and development. The survey revealed that more than half of respondents perceive that industry gatherings do not allow enough time for business networking.
ICMG Business Networking Survey Report

ICMG Strategic Alliances Report (Part 1) April 2012

Seven of 10 insurance executives look to their peers to find their next strategic alliance opportunity, found a sample of insurance professionals conducted by Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG). Events such as the ICMG annual meeting and other industry gatherings are the next-most-frequent place to look for strategic alliances, cited by 56 percent of respondents.
ICMG Strategic Alliances Survey 2011-12 (Part 1) Report

ICMG Social Networking Report May 2011

Insurance executives view social networking as important, but are still relying on personal contact with their peers to check references on people they might do business with in the insurance industry, according to a sample of insurance professionals conducted by Inter-Company Marketing Group in May 2011.
ICMG Social Networking Report 2011

ICMG Distribution Report January 2011

Two-thirds of insurance firms currently are seeking new products or services to introduce to their distribution channels in the next 12 months, according to an industry sample taken by the Inter-Company Marketing Group in January 2011.
ICMG Distribution Report 2011

ICMG Strategic Alliances Report December 2010

Two-thirds of life, health and benefits insurance market participants have added revenue to their firms in the past three years by engaging in strategic alliances, according to an industry sample taken by the Inter-Company Marketing Group. Strategic alliances were defined as partnerships, product distribution agreements, private-label products, third-party administration agreements, joint ventures, and other multiple-company efforts that generate revenue.
ICMG Strategic Alliances Report 2010


If you have any questions, please contact Audrey Wittenburg, ICMG Executive Director, at 703-729-7701 or awittenburg@ICMG.org.

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