In 1985, a group of six gathered informally to network and learn more about the benefits of strategic alliances. These visionary individuals, Dan Murphy with Monumental Life; Glenn Phillips with BMA; Mel Hicks with Southern Life; John O’Mahoney with Aetna Life and Casualty; Larry Gerdes with Physicians Mutual; and Tom Barnard with Durham Life, are credited as the organizations founders. Mel Hicks is further credited with providing the inspiration for the name ICMG.  After three Annual Conferences in Greensboro, NC, the first Board of Directors was organized with Mel Hicks designated as the first President.

In 1988, fewer than 30 senior executives gathered at the first Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX. Today, the Annual Conference attracts generally attracts a significant percentage of ICMG's approximate 500 members and is renowned as "best in the industry." Known as the place where deals get done, the Conference is an event where attendees deliver personal opening introductions, schedule one-on-one meetings, network in the exhibit hall, learn from session speakers, and make connections during the annual golf tournament.    

ICMG celebrated its milestone 30th anniversary in 2014 as a 501c6 non-profit organization. The esteemed list of Past Presidents shares credit, along with fond memories, for ICMG's impressive evolution.

“I believe ICMG is the most valuable organization in the insurance industry today. It has grown and prospered due to its focus on one thing: Making the Deal!” Thomas McCrackin

“I have been a member for 22 years and my association with ICMG made getting things done a lot easier. I could call any ICMG member and if they couldn’t help me, usually they could refer me to someone that could. When attending my first meeting, I only had 20 networking contacts and now I more than 800 numbers in my file and 80% came from ICMG.”  Rich Katz

“I was always amazed at the openness and candor of ICMG members. I got more deals done through ICMG than any other association I have participated in.” Bob Bowsher

“This association helped my career. Being a member and the President of ICMG made me better at managing my own job. A milestone I will never forget is facilitating the Board's completion of the first 3-year strategic plan and I use those skills in my job to this day.” Derek Brigham

“I recall when I first suggested to my boss that we sell other company’s products. I bet my bonus that it would be good for the company. Needless to say, best bonus ever.” Jerry Hennenhoefer

“It was a small group of people that wanted to create an environment to help insurance companies network and it’s grown into a vital organization for myself and many of our members.”  The late Don Kampe

Past Presidents

1987      Melvin G. Hicks, Southern Life
1988      Carolyn M. Johnson, Capital Holdings
1989      William S. Steinlage, CLU, Reliable Life Ins. Co.
1990      L. Don Kampe, Continental General
1991      L. Don Kampe, Continental General
1992     Stephen A. Miller, USAA
1993     Thomas K. McCracken, Franklin Life Ins. Co.
1994     Patricia M. Pinto, UNUM Life Insurance Company
1995     Helen O’Sullivan, IOF Foresters
1996     Jerry Hennenhoefer, Liberty Life Insurance Co.
1997     David A. Behrens, Lincoln Benefit Life
1998     Michele Dupré, The Acacia Group
1999     Richard S. Katz, AAA Life Insurance Company
2000     Cynthia S. Lindsey, Indianapolis Life
2001     Michael N. Weitz, LIMRA International
2002     Larry D. Green, Baltimore Life
2003     Ed Anguish, Citizens Investment Services Corp.
2004     Martha Lilja-Johnson, MassMutual Life Insurance Co.
2005     Robert R. Bowsher, Consumer Solutions Marketing
2006     Peter M. Goldstein, Long Term Care Group
2007     Derek Brigham, CUNA Mutual Group
2008     Ted Coia, IBM Insurance Outsourcing Services
2009     Anne Marie Faria, HealthPlan Services
2010     Theron M. Williams, Security Life
2011     David L. Burke, Universal American Corp.
2012     Frank A. Osborn, Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial
2013     Bob Thomas, American Group Insurance Service, Inc.
2014     Raymond C. Richard, The Pinnacle Benefits Group
2015     Victor Castellanos, Victory Insurance Services
2016     William "Jay" Manifold, Woodmen Insurance Agency
2017     Todd Cowan, Ameritas
2018     Senia Gramajo, Agent Link
2019     Chuck Ritzke, Problem Solving Enterprises


L. Don Kampe Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Kampe Award Recipients