Winter, 2017, was the last edition of The Exchange. Our new publication, the ICMG News Digest, is delivered right to your email on a timely basis. Several committees work together to develop and deliver the valuable content, including conference updates, insurance news, information shared by our members, creation of strategic alliances, current ICMG initiatives, and much more. If you have news you'd like to share, click on the Share Your News tab!

The Exchange magazine served as an important ICMG communications tool. It was published three times per year exclusively for members. Click on the images below to see the various issues of The Exchange.

Winter 2017



Summer/Fall 2017

Summer Fall 2017

Spring 2017


Winter 2016/2017

ICMG ExchangeWinterSpring2017

Summer/Fall 2016

ICMG ExchangeSummerFall2016 100






Spring 2016

Spring 2016 Exchange Cover

Winter 2015/2016

2015 16 WinterExchange

Fall 2015

TheExchange Fall2015 Cover

Spring 2015

TheExchange Spring2015 Cover sm

Winter 2014

TheExchange Winter2014 Cover sm

Summer 2014

Exchange Summer2014 Cover sm