Member Referrals Are Effective
There is no more powerful recruiting tool than member referrals.  Referrals not only identify quality prospects, but they also
• Increase Membership — Member referrals are our #1 source of member applications.
• Attract Engaged Members — Those referred by members participate in non-conference activities at a higher rate than other new members.
• Improve Retention – Referred members are more likely to renew.
• Save Money – Member referrals have a lower acquisition cost.


We Need YOU!
Spread the word about how ICMG has helped you grow your business and expand your contacts. Mention ICMG when you attend industry meetings, visit with colleagues, or meet new people while doing business!
Submitting Referrals Is Easy!
Click the Submit A Referral button below.  We're interested in reaching out to anyone you think would benefit from joining ICMG.  We'll reach out with a phone call and we urge you to have a conversation about ICMG too.
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Refer members to receive a $100 credit toward attending the ICMG Annual Conference!

For every person you refer to ICMG who registers as a member and attends the ICMG Annual Conference, you will receive $100 toward your conference registration. Refer 10 and your conference registration is free!